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Council to prepare plan for channel dredging

A dedicated team at Central Coast Council will prepare and implement a plan of management for the Brisbane Water Channel, according to Member for Terrigal Mr Adam Crouch.

Community groups have been lobbying the NSW Government and the Central Coast Council for the past 12 months to dredge the channel at Lobster Beach as it has been becoming dangerously narrow and shallow.

Central Coast Council chief Mr Rob Noble and administrator Mr Ian Reynolds have acknowledged on several occasions that the dredge previously owned by Wyong Council and located at The Entrance could be made available for dredging within the previous Gosford local government area.

Mr Crouch said: "I have met with Mr Noble to discuss the Brisbane Water Channel to discuss a plan of management to keep the channel open for commercial and leisure craft.

"Council's group leader for assets, infrastructure and business, Mr Mike Dowling, has put in place a dedicated team who will prepare a plan of management which we hope to see in place within coming months," Mr Crouch said.

"This channel is so important to ensure it is kept open for boating access to the Peninsula...the many villages on the Brisbane Water and feeder services to Gosford City," Mr Crouch said.

"It is also very important that passenger services can navigate through the channel safely and with good clearance," he said.


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