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1542933DA/1762/202348 Webb RoadBOOKER BAYDual Occupancy - 2-Storeys - Demolition and Torrens SubdivisionDual 31/08/202331 Aug 2023 09:4227 Sep 2023 Notification/Advertising27 Sep 2023 
1544135DA/1793/202337 Uligandi StreetETTALONG BEACHDwelling 5/09/202305 Sep 2023 07:4127 Sep 2023 Notification/Advertising27 Sep 2023 
1545141DA/1812/202320 Myola RoadUMINA BEACHAlterations, Additions, Garage & Carport 8/09/202312 Sep 2023 07:4927 Sep 2023 Notification/Advertising27 Sep 2023 
1546838DA/1859/202319 Patonga StreetPATONGACabanas, cubby houses, ferneries, garden sheds, gazebos and greenhouses, Portable swimming pools and spas and child-resistant barriers, Erection of a new structure 15/09/202316 Sep 2023 01:1727 Sep 2023 Notification/Advertising27 Sep 2023 
1546912DA/1858/202315 Carpenter StreetUMINA BEACHSecondary Dwelling. 15/09/202316 Sep 2023 01:1727 Sep 2023 Notification/Advertising27 Sep 2023 
1543703DA/1787/2023294 Trafalgar AvenueUMINA BEACHResidential Flat Building, Demolition, Erection of a new structureFlat 4/09/202305 Sep 2023 07:4127 Sep 2023 Notification/Advertising27 Sep 2023 
1543737DA/1786/2023147 North Burge RoadWOY WOYAlterations & Additions 4/09/202305 Sep 2023 07:4127 Sep 2023 Notification/Advertising27 Sep 2023 
1543852DA/50912/2016/A69 Amethyst AvenuePEARL BEACHExtension to Existing Cottage/Shed & Toilet for Crommelin Native Arboretum - (Amended Application) 278217665/09/202305 Sep 2023 07:4114 Sep 2023 Notification/Advertising14 Sep 2023 
1543146DA/1765/202319 Patonga StreetPATONGADwelling - 2-Storey. 278167672781675531/08/202331 Aug 2023 09:4214 Sep 2023 Notification/Advertising14 Sep 2023 
890645DA/62934/202134 Warrah StreetETTALONG BEACHDemolition Residential, Residential Flat Building (New)Flat 267070542781354731/08/202112 Jun 2022 11:2708 Sep 2023 Notification/Advertising08 Sep 2023 
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