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15 May 2023
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Call for strategy to 'focus on housing people'
Liesl Tesch makes jacket for parliament
CWA considers evening meetings
Tesch 'disappointed' shopper carpark will be privatised
Renovated CWA hall expected to open this week
Freshwater crocodile found in Umina
Injured driver flown to Royal North Shore Hospital
Clean4Shore to remove derelict vessels in Phegans Bay
Pelican sightings sought
Grant to plant wildlife corridor
Sunset session held on waterfront
New personal training
Appreciation for Linda Burney
CWA branch holds Mother's Day stall
Shade tree group plants dwarf variety of local tree
'Girls' night in' to encourage female players
Mingaletta hosts plumbing session for women
Teen dance party commended
Ferries diverted
Fire at Myola Rd
Bringing fun back to Sydney
Incident met with large police presence
Forum about learner driver program
Moving office in Parliament House
Trivia night to raise money for wildlife rescue
May rainfall is just 5.9mm so far
Five-bedroom Pearl Beach house would lose 15 trees
Application for gym to operate 24/7
Simplified process needed for affordable housing - Hart
Planning panel given report about court appeal
Changes needed for planning to succeed
Is the Peninsula another Paradise Lost?
Council still not accountable for budget spending
Dr Reid organises women's health forum
Hospital auxiliary runs Mother's Day stall
Aged care facility accredited for another three years
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Annual music concerts to be held on Saturday
New kiln for arts and crafts centre
Raucous folk group returns to the Troubadour
Two travel-themed books to be launched at library
Concert raises $10,000 for Lifeline
Free book launch and family day at writers' festival
Staff win volleyball trophy back from students
Buddy guided tours at St John the Baptist
Top student featured in college social media
Coffee and cake curriculum sessions offered
Top marks for visual design
Boys freestyle relay team win gold
Breakfast for mothers before school
Girls relay team finishes fifth
Jacob wins gold at swimming championships
Schools compete in touch football
Uniform shop opens on first Thursdays
Netball association holds grand opening
TKT has double celebration at netball centre opening
One-way traffic for Woy Woy Lions
Umina boardriders make the finals
Club holds blessing of new canoe
Woy Woy Bowling Club plays last game after 90 years
Novice bridge teams play championship
Tour de Central Coast includes Peninsula
Selected for Touch World Youth Cup
Cricket nets project under way at Rogers Park
Eric Tweedale celebrates 102nd birthday
Holly Parker recognised in Parliament
Bowling arm tournament attracts 48 bowlers
Masters swimming point score meet at Woy Woy
Kelsey wins bronze medal
Women's rugby team seeks more players
Southern and Ettalong United defeats Terrigal 5-2
Women's Premier League win to Umina
More touch teams for winter competition
Little aths presentation night promoted
Cricket club holds annual meeting
Water polo presentations
The look of success



Call for strategy to 'focus on housing people'

The Local Housing Strategy should focus on housing people rather than on building houses, the Peninsula Residents' Association has told Central Coast Council.

The council should do a study of the current needs of people on the Peninsula and address those before it seeks to increase the Peninsula's population.

"What is missing is consideration for the lives and well-being of the current members of our community," said the association in its submission about the draft Strategy.

"Indeed, current residents are specifically excluded from the No. 1 aim of the Strategy: 'Set out a strategy for meeting the housing needs of the future population.'

"There are no recommendations or discussion of what is valued in our community and how, in practical terms, it will be protected and enhanced.

"Our community includes people who are living below the poverty line (17 per cent of the Peninsula's population) and a greater number paying more than 30 per cent of their income for housing.

"These people are not interested in making money.

"They are just wanting somewhere pleasant to live that they can afford.

"This is achievable on the Peninsula, if the council is willing to put in the necessary effort."

As well as research "on the ground at a personal level", the association said the Strategy should include an assessment of "the effectiveness of the current housing strategy, the Peninsula Urban Directions Strategy".

"This should include a review of its implementation through the (planning) provisions of the Development Control Plan (DCP), and their effectiveness in implementing the strategy as changes have been made to the DCP."

The association opposed plans for higher density rezoning to allow residential flats on the Peninsula.

"Clusters of multi-storey residential flats do not have the character or provide the kind of housing that the Peninsula community wants or needs," the association said.

"The Residents' Association believes that a more effective housing strategy could be implemented through changes to the DCP, without requiring rezoning or other changes to the LEP."

In other recommendations, the association said: "An open space policy and strategy should be prepared, exhibited and adopted that formalises minimum requirements and targets for both public and private open space.

"Along with this, heat island provisions should be formulated to align with the Greater Cities Commission tree canopy target of 40 per cent, and to require conformity with a minimum solar reflectance index in areas where the tree canopy target is not met."

The association quoted the State Government's Local Housing Strategy Guideline which stated a housing strategy should "describe the community's priorities and aspirations for housing over the next 20 years".

The association's submission said: "The draft Strategy currently does not contain the Peninsula community's priorities and aspirations for housing over the next 20 years."

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