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Two Warrah St approvals listed with variations

Two developments in Warrah St, Ettalong, have been listed in a report to Central Coast Council on variations to development standards from January to March.

DA/60350/2020 for four residential units at 25 Warrah St was below the minimum lot size.

The report stated: "The variation is minor and the proposed development complies with the height and floor space ratio development standards.

"The variation has no significant additional impact on adjoining developments.

"The proposal complies with the objectives of the standard and the objectives of the R1 zone."

The variation was 25.4 square metres or 3.40 per cent.

DA/61386/2021 for a multi-unit development at 21 Warrah St was also below the minimum lot size.

"The site has sufficient area and dimensions to cater for the erection of multi dwelling development," the report stated.

"This is evident in the assessment of the development in relation to the relevant heads of consideration.

"The proposed villas would be consistent with the development density, scale and style of residential development within the medium density zone, surrounding streets and within the street as discussed" within the application.

"The proposed medium density residential development would be consistent with the existing and desired character for the Peninsula.

"The proposal is consistent with the evolving character of the medium density area as discussed.

"The proposed justification for the variation is considered reasonable and able to be supported."

The variation was also 3.40 per cent.

Both decisions were made under delegation.

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