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Green Grid assertions are fantasy

When was Administrator Hart's last visit to the Peninsula?

Is Administrator Hart building a solid foundation for the eventual introduction back into local government of elected councillors, or is his interest solely in keeping the ledger clean until his term of duty expires?

Assertions made about the Green Grid Plan are fantasy and not supported in the plan.

Claims the plan will keep major centres cool elevate the plan into a quality beyond the resources of the council.

If the Administrator was serious about the heat island effect, a comprehensive study of the Peninsula's present, adapting and future character would be required.

To assert a regional plan has the detail within, to competently reason the heat island effect will be addressed, is absurd,

What would be the area of additional green space and location on the Peninsula to effectively reduce the heat island effect?

This study would require expert advice and additional financial support from the council.

I am yet to believe the council is even slightly interested in reducing the Peninsula's heat island effect.

Where is the evidence of this claim?

Is the Administrator leaving the door open for the State Government to take action to pursue it's political objectives?

The plan can be described as ad-hoc without any clear direction for the future.

It follows the council's administration style from day of the amalgamation.

All of the above should have been expertly researched in the regional plan 2016.

Why is the cash strapped council picking up the tab for the State Government?

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