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Dual occupancy does not fit within building envelope

Central Coast Council has received a Development Application for a dual cccupancy at 24 Webb Rd, Booker Bay.

The units each have four bedroom, with mix of one and two storey.

The application prepared by Sandra Trad states: "The roof is primarily low-pitched colorbond steel, with fall directions and heights varied creating an interesting silhouette.

"Batten screens and window shrouds articulate the facade providing a modern aesthetic with eave depths of 450mm to the sides to provide shadow casts."

She said the units were "provided with dual aspect courtyard areas at ground level, featuring a mix of hard and soft finishes to enhance their livability".

"These courtyards are each accessible and mated to their corresponding living-dining areas.

"To the street frontage, a mixed masonry and colorbond screen fencing is set back behind semi-transparent plantings and articulated to avoid long, flat runs.'

The design breaches the building envelope requirements with the 45 degree line intersecting the proposed wall about one metre above first floor level.

Describing this as a "minor departure", the application argues that "this encroachment bares no overshadowing or privacy concerns for its neighbours to the north and south. It is argued that strict compliance is unnecessary."

Although the schedule of drawings presented to the Council includes shadow diagrams, these have not been provided on the Council website for public scrutiny.

There is a street tree located at the front of the property on the Webb Rd nature strip.

It appears that the intention is to retain this tree as it is not marked for removal on the plans.

The development application is currently open for written submissions from the public.

The closing date for submissions is not listed on the website but can be ascertained by telephoning the Council offices.

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