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Region-first for self-pay surgery

A local hospital is now offering "self-pay surgery" with no private health insurance needed.

The hospital provides patients with packages that include the surgeon's fees, anaesthetist, hospital stay, diagnostic testing and rehabilitation costs.

The new service for the region has launched at Brisbane Waters Private Hospitals aiming to help those living with pain, undiagnosed illness, degenerative diseases, and obesity by providing streamlined access to surgery without excessive wait times.

"Self Pay Surgery means parents and families of loved ones without private health insurance don't need to put off surgery any longer," according to chief executive Ms Debbra Ritter.

"As a mother and grandmother myself, I know what it's like to support a family member experiencing ill-health.

"You just want them to be well and receive the treatment they require quickly," Ms Ritter said.

"So when your loved one has to experience ill-health longer than needed due to a lack of private health cover or long waiting lists it is even more painful.

"It is incredibly rewarding to be able to offer our patients this opportunity to get what they need done now, so they can get on the road to recovery sooner rather than later.'

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