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New LEP to be gazetted by end of June

The Department of Planning and Environment has told Central Coast Council that the consolidated Central Coast Local Environmental Plan will be gazetted by the end of June.

However some final adjustments are being made to ensure flood planning controls for development are consistent with those being applied across NSW, according to Council administrator Mr Rik Hart.

A consolidated planning scheme has been "a key deliverable of the amalgamation of the former Gosford City and Wyong Shire Councils in May 2016", he said.

"Once in effect, developments will be assessed against a single Local Environment Plan and Development Control Plan.

"This will help to simplify the development process for applicants and also mean that Council staff can further streamline processes to promote greater efficiency for assessment of development applications," Mr Hart said.

The department recently informed Council that Clause 7.3 Floodplain Risk Management cannot continue to operate, as new model template wording is now available in the standard instrument, Clause. 5.22 Special Flood Considerations, he said.

"Council will submit a request to replace the exhibited Clause 7.3 with the model Clause 5.22, which is expected to come into effect later this year."

Mr Hart said: "The next stage of updating the plan will be the environmental lands review (also known as the deferred lands) which will be exhibited before the end of 2022.

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