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Bridge club holds charity day in honour of first president

Jean Pelham Charity Day was held the Brisbane Water Bridge Club on Thursday, May 19, in honour of the club's first president.

The charity organizers had a squad of volunteers on site early preparing lunch for 15 pairs of bridge players.

Several varieties of soup and crusty bread were served for the membership.

Charity raffles, with donate prizes, were interspersed with breaks in play.

The club was short seven pairs on last year, but described the day as "a winner for all concerned".

Christine Hadaway and Chris Hannan won the event, hotly pursued by Sylvia Foster and Lorraine Lindsay.

There was only a single percentage point in it.

Martin Johnson and Chris Hasemore were not far away taking the final podium spot.

Ms Jean Pelham was elected president after calling a meeting of interested bridge players at the Woy Woy Progress Association Hall on Monday, September 1, 1975.

Twelve people attended the meeting and voted to form the Brisbane Water Bridge Club.

Auction and solo players were to be welcomed and beginners were to be taught in order to increase membership.

A committee was formed and Ms Pelham was elected president.

The first item of importance was the provision of tables, cards and boards.

Ms Pelham offered to purchase all necessary equipment, to be repaid by the club at a later date.

After the meeting, a game of bridge was played and 10 members joined the club.

Results of the Thursday Charity Day on May 19 were:

1 Christine Hadaway, Chris Hannan 207.0 (63.89 per cent), 0.80 red points.

2 Lorraine Lindsay, Sylvia Foster 204.0 (62.96), 0.56.

3 Martin Johnson, Chris Hasemore 199.1 (61.46), 0.40.

4 Geoffrey Maltby, Edith Marshall 193.5 (59.72), 0.27.

5 Jurate Laisve, Trish Byrnes 192.4 (59.38), 0.20.

6 Karen Ody, Jim Routledge 181.1 (55.90), 0.16.

7 John Aldersley, Connie Lewis 175.5 (54.17), 0.13.

8 Felicity Fane, Laurie Powell 159.0 (49.07).

9 Elaine Hume, Peter Hume 154.1 (47.57).

10 Jann Small, Suzanne Harrison 142.9 (44.10).

11 Walt Alma Van Der, Kathryn Ivits 137.3 (42.36).

12 Alison Mackey, Helen White 135.0 (41.67).

13 Robyn Hardy, Meg McGregor 123.0 (37.96).

14 Caroline Nichols, Wendy Byrne 121.5 (37.50).

15 Janette Kukura, Helen Cashman 109.0 (33.64).

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