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Collapse Issue 542:<br />19 Apr 2022<br />_____________Issue 542:
19 Apr 2022
Collapse  NEWS NEWS
Sandstone block unveiled at Anderson Park
Oyster farmers need government support
Wicks promotes Woy Woy commuter carpark
Residents call for public plans for bushland restoration
Chamber opposes water rate rise
Students in Woy Woy Anzac march
Case numbers return to level three months ago
Rotary clubs hold joint meeting
Overseas trip after lottery win
Mingaletta has visit from Linda Burney
Mobile broadband may be disrupted
Clean4Shore continues to secure floating logs
Field day events postponed
Labor launch at Ocean Beach
Tony Winch profiled in council exhibition
Chamber renews call for railway crossing traffic lights
Chamber opposes the extension of special rate variation
Tesch disappointed with Mangrove tip decision
Third highest daily rainfall in 18 years
Council urges Paton St approval despite 64 objections
Chamber foreshadows Ettalong 'resurgence'
Breaking the rules about advertising material
When the bands all cease to play
No kerbside collection excuse does not wash
Not one vacant parking spot in South St in the rain
There should be single-councillor electorates
Reid promises improved aged care
Hospital named finalist in clinical excellence awards
New staff members
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Auditions this week
Ephemeral art closing date extended
Closing date for ephemeral art trail extended
Tutor holds exhibition in Gosford
Patchwork achievements
School raises $35,000 in colour day
Students help Clean4Shore in Riley Bay
Stations of the Cross for Good Friday
Easter presents for Hammond Care
Baby Harper Mabel is born
Night under Stars held at Woy Woy campus
Open day for next year's kindergarten
State outrigger titles held at Patonga
Ettalong Major Singles champion
May is a big month for boardriders
Brett Harrod officially inducted as SLSA life member
Flood relief charity bridge day
Redevelopment starts with tennis facility
Extra dollar idea for Umina lucky bowler draw
Tributes for Lyle Besley
Water police lead outrigger rescue
Shane wins through to quarter finals
Riley wins five gold medals in Australian championships
Sports hall closed
Swiss pairs championship at bridge club
Busy month for Umina bowling club
Rex Hunt wins Veteran Singles final
Ninth in men's open flags
Women's fours championships played at Umina



Not one vacant parking spot in South St in the rain

Once again, I'm sitting at my window in South St, Umina, watching relentless rain, which I believe will become a regular feature due to climate change.

For the first time in over 15 years in this street, the ground has become so saturated that it no longer absorbs and drains water.

Instead, it is sitting in ever growing puddles in my garden and lawn.

The storm water drains in the street and lane at the rear cannot cope and I cannot imagine how the council could still be considering allowing underground parking on residential block within the street or anywhere in residential areas.

Commercial sites may cope with the cost of constant water pumping, if the drains could cope, but households are struggling to make ends meet without that added burden.

Council is still considering such an insane development application at number 42 South St.

Not just underground parking, but along with several exceptions to set backs, overshadowing and other guides, in place to ensure quality of life for existing residents and environmental impacts which must be prime considerations.

All these "exceptions", of which there are many in the one application, are outside current guidelines.

If they are approved, they will be the springboard for more and more exceptions till the entire Woy Woy Peninsula becomes uninhabitable.

You need to ask yourself why?

Why would council consider pushing more and more into less and less when the stress at peak times is already painfully evident.

There is not one vacant parking spot in South St and though I'm not going out in this torrent to check, I'd say the entire neighbourhood is the same.

Imagine if every residential block had approval for 10 underground car spaces and each of those 10 cars needed to move from flooding basements.

Utter chaos would result.

Even today in South St, or around Umina commercial centre, none can be found.

Now is the time to make council listen to the residents for a change and not the developers or already successful businesses, which see the object of life as money and growing profits.

The real and tangible profits in life are not derived from money, but having a small space to call your own, other larger areas to share, air to breath and elbow room.

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