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Collapse Issue 546:<br />14 Jun 2022<br />_____________Issue 546:
14 Jun 2022
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No council option to retain Pelican Park playground
Woy Woy consultation open for three more weeks
Tesch encourages locals to have their say
Council holds 15-minute online information sessions
Peninsula News readers disadvantaged
Vietnam Veterans' case officer awarded OAM
Umina oval and leisure centre are major budget items
Council elections delayed more than two years
Labor call for council democracy 'sooner, not later'
Bonanza Book Fair to benefit PCYC
Maritime historian speaks to Umina Rotary club
Woy Woy library to be repainted
Car boot sales prove opportunity for Men's Shed
Rotary club raises $25,000 from Opera in Arboretum
Random patrols at shopping centre
New patron for Rotary club
Microplastics workshop to be held at Patonga
Support available following plastic bag ban
More than 630 houses to be without power this month
Rotary club members collect $6000 for Salvos
Men's Shed to operate at two sites while shed is built
Senior surf presentation held at Diggers
Need for community education about trees, says GUST
Just 6mm in 16 days is well below average
Channel plan to cost $1.2M for five 'precincts'
Peninsula News launches Peninsula planning portal
Repair Pelican Park, don't remove it
Feeble justification for delay in council democracy
Masterplan leaves unanswered questions
Council operating budget needs to fix problems
Administrator should be replaced before election
Unelected council should not keep spending our money
Active cases lowest since January 2
Baby baskets donated to mark branch birthday
Aged care volunteers wanted
BreastScreen returns to Woy Woy CWA
Sister Carmel Silvas retires after 49 years' nursing
Women's Health Donor Circle started for health centre
Aged care residents make 'fiddle quilts'
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Music scholarships announced after annual concert
'Great families of folk' to perform at folk club
Monthly play readings resume
'Curved piecing' in patchwork workshop
Watercolour perspectives in the landscape
New art gallery from local artists
Woy Woy Roosters look to bounce back
'Come and try' outrigger canoes
Donation for hospital surgical area paging system
Bridge club to hold national qualifying event
Woy Woy in 28-0 rugby union defeat



Master plan leaves unanswered questions

Today I attended council's public session Woy Woy foreshore master plan at the Peninsula Leisure Centre.

Prior to this interaction, I had prepared six questions to be answered, before any discussion on the master plan was practical.

A question I have asked for more than six years remains unanswered, and is vital to the preparation of the master plan.

What is the projected population growth on the Peninsula for the next 10 years and beyond? This was not answered in the Central Coast Regional Plan 2036 and remains in limbo.

Another question was in regard to timeline.

The advice is that the work will roll out over 10 years with five stages.

Administrator Hart has advised the council has a 10-year financial plan.

Will the plan cover all costs or will the public be forced into supplementary assistance?

An interest to all veterans is the upgrade of the Memorial Park.

Veterans have seen the site change from a feature of Anzac Day to a site that has been downgraded due to the council's financial management.

The floral display was always in peak condition for the significant ceremony.

There are other matters that should be attended to, which requires input from the Peninsula's veteran community and all supporters.

To conclude, it will be interesting to observe the council's approach to the master plan without knowing consumer demand and the council's finacial status beyond the next 10 years.

Then there is the unknown influence of the next state election.

Administrator Hart will be on alert for all political signals as the election draws closer.

He will not take risks from now till the election. His survival is at stake.

Climate change was on my list.

If there is an unexpected climate event, all existing information will be instantly obsolete.

What will be the council's response? Will the master plan be cancelled?

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