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4 Apr 2022
Collapse  NEWS NEWS
Budget gives 'more' money for lower-cost carpark
Active case numbers reach highest figure yet of 1479
Not a pleasant sight
Official dedication at Anderson Park
Rotary club plans for book sale
Next car boot sale at end of month
Jonathan Holmes to speak at the Everglades
Walk from Patonga to Pearl Beach starts tour series
Professor addresses Rotary about dying with dignity
Parishioners ask about voluntary assisted dying
Grant for Umina CWA hall upgrade
Surf club wins $25,000 for upgrades
Reid launches petition for roads funding
Cold weather gear for the unhoused
Ferry operator regrets exclusion from Opal ticketing
Ferries diverted
Fire crews help with flood relief
Former chief executive discontinues defamation action
Flare disposal
Government announces $11.4M for social housing
A pleasure to help shade westerly verge
Proposal for four 'gun-barrel' units in West St
Panel adds tree conditions to Webb Rd approval
'Complete council woodland survey,' says GUST
Council staff sense concern about track closures
Thoughts wanted on local car charging stations
Neither Crouch nor Tesch talk about ward system
LEP should be rational, consistent and reliable in future
When evacuation is needed, it is not 'nuisance flooding'
Ettalong ambulance station still needed, says Tesch
Building works progress well at aged care home
Listing of cystic fibrosis medication welcomed
New staff for aged care home
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Auditions this week for August production
Flash festival deadline extended
Swing into Jazz at Pearl Beach
Glazed items emerge from kiln
Rainbow dance party for 12-17 year olds
Helpers sought for charity sewing project
School bus route change for April
Year 7 student wins four mountain bike events
Colour Run fundraiser to be held on Wednesday
Mara recites pi to 314 places
Promoted to principal role near Newcastle
Easter raffle raises $2000 for flood victims
Pizza day raises $950 for Lismore school flood relief
Waterwatch testing in Teatree Creek
Parents elect new committee
Cross country run to be held on Friday
Outrageous hair styles and Easter hats
Mobile planter box built over two days
Wet weather did not dampen Harmony Day spirit
Open day at Catholic primary school
School band recruits members
Basketball season awards announced
Sienna wins with personal bests at nationals
Boardriders hold Point Master event
Lachlan Cork becomes 'overseas cricketer for 2022'
Disabled surfing event cancelled
Softball association Member of the Year
Flood relief charity day at bridge club
Little aths plans presentation night
Netball representative teams selected
Bridge club holds open teams championship
Physie club has women's classes
Rugby union board to decide about abandoned round
Southern and Ettalong appoint new junior director
Tech-savvy person wanted
Junior touch annual meeting
Soccer club holds trivia night
Bridge club holds Upside Down Pairs
Junior rugby league training starts



LEP should be rational, consistent and reliable in future

Now that we have the results of the public inquiry into Central Coast Council, what is striking are the Commissioner's comments about the behaviour of the councillors, when they were dealing with Council business.

Rather than seeking collegiate consensus, they seemed to be focussed on factional conflict and disagreement.

Rather than dealing with the substance of issues before them, they were more concerned with personal grandstanding and political point-scoring.

They seemed more interested in raising points of order and lodging Code of Conduct complaints than doing their job of running the city.

Is it any wonder that so many bad decisions were made, not only on financial matters but on technical matters where some concentration is required, in order to understand the implications of what is being decided?

A case in point is the consolidated Local Environment Plan that had to be drawn up to reconcile the differences between the old Gosford and Wyong regulations that applied to the separate municipalities.

Since the format of these documents is largely laid down by the State Government, this isn't as onerous a task as it might seem to a layman, but there are always some variations that have to be brought into alignment.

There are examples in the draft Local Environment Plan where this has been done so badly that even our councillors should have been able to see the inconsistencies and contradictions, if they had been giving the matter any proper consideration at all.

Instead, with its flaws intact, the draft document has gone to the Minister for approval, although it is not clear when the Minister will actually pass judgement on it, so that it can come into effect.

In my view, this document should be withdrawn from the Minister and held in abeyance until a newly-elected Council of competent individuals can reconsider it.

The present document re-incorporates all the shortcomings that lead to the constant breaches of standards by developers that so many residents are incensed about.

So all we are going to see is a continuation of the ongoing litany of community complaints, if this draft is approved.

The opportunity of rewriting the Local Environment Plan should have been an occasion for introducing logic and consistency into the process, but, instead, we have a lazy and thoughtless rehashing of the same old errors that have led to the development mess that we see around us.

If we care as much about the environment that we are going to live in for the rest of our lives as we do about our rates and charges, we should be demanding that proper standards be observed in the development-control document that will decide the form of our city in our lifetimes.

We should require that the provisions be rational and consistent, and that we can rely on them for the foreseeable future.

Squabbling over whether a particular building should be a high-rise or not is fatuous and self-defeating: If you have no defensible standard to start with, you have no basis for argument, so, of course, expediency will always prevail.

Does anybody care about our neighbourhoods enough to make an issue of this?

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