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Collapse Issue 536:<br />24 Jan 2022<br />_____________Issue 536:
24 Jan 2022
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Aged care home rapid test orders 'commandeered'
Council works budget of $18M for next financial year
Residents call for more time for rates submissions
Australia Day celebrations cancelled at Pearl Beach
Beach safety brochure produced for Pearl Beach
Two books to be discussed by book club
Lions club resumes monthly car boot sale
GUST founder wins Council environment award
Planting trees for leafy, shady streets
Business award to local Rotary member
Seniors' diaries offered for free
Rainfall is less than half January average
Ettalong foreshore rezoning allowed to proceed
Dual occupancy application has detailed arborist report
Panel stands by its refusal of Ettalong development
Council to consider registering kiosk lease
Council to employ more regulatory planners
Dangerous intersection becomes statistically safe
Responsibility remains for Rawson Rd level crossing
Treeless suburbs are literally killing us
More scrutiny needed in absence of character controls
First Aid training at the Bays hall
Trading hours cut due to staff shortage
Virus hospital admissions peak at 96
Leave a message for short-staffed PCYC
New chief at Umina aged care home
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Arts and crafts classes to start next week
Patchwork group holds social stitching day
Five students achieve band six scores
Umina Beach plays Minor Pairs final
'Faster' bike ride from Woy Woy
Outrigger club takes part in Newcastle regatta
Southern Spirit cricket results
Cricket results prior to last weekend
Under-70 bridge results
Twilight pairs at Ettalong



Dangerous intersection becomes statistically safe

It seems that traffic planners require blood sacrifices in the way of fatal accident statistics before they will deem an intersection to be officially dangerous and therefore worthy of remediation.

What these people obviously fail to realise is that sometimes an intersection is so obviously dangerous that it is studiously avoided by the majority of drivers and thus becomes statistically safe.

Not wishing to boast but I have driven in many different countries and cities around the world including London, New York, Los Angeles, Hong Kong and even Sydney.

However I can't remember a more ludicrously dangerous intersection than one right here on the Peninsula.

The intersection of Rawson Rd and Railway St, right before the railway crossing, is the one I'm referring to.

It can be nothing short of a nightmare for drivers trying to turn right from Railway St into Rawson Rd, heading towards Woy Woy Rd.

A driver in this situation has to give way to traffic from three different directions - from the left and right on Rawson Rd and straight ahead from Railway St.

Not only that, they are also forced to ratchet their head around to a totally unnatural angle, reminiscent of "The Exorcist", to check for traffic coming from the left.

As can be seen on Google maps the angle is so acute that, depending on the design of your car, you can find yourself looking through the rear passenger window.

If your driving a van or some other vehicle without a rear passenger window you can find yourself unable to see traffic coming from the left at all.

I have witnessed more than one near miss at this intersection due to drivers focusing so completely on the difficult left and right check that they completely forgot about head-on traffic.

Of course the result of this situation is that most sensible drivers wishing to travel up Woy Woy Rd towards the motorway will ignore the more direct route and the well meaning instructions of Google navigation, and use a route that brings them to this intersection via Rawson Rd rather than Railway St.

By doing this they then have right of way at the intersection.

Of course this does rather skew the figures on other intersections that facilitate this strategy.

The main one that comes to mind is the Ocean Beach Rd intersection with Rawson Rd.

What's that I hear you say?

Oh! So they're spending about a gazillion dollars on that intersection to "fix" things.


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