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Application for units in Ocean View Dr

A development application has been lodged with Central Coast Council to build four residential units above a car park over three storeys in Ocean View Dr, Ettalong.

The site is also the subject of a subdivision application to adjust the property boundaries.

The residential flat building will be erected predominantly over 306 Ocean View Rd but the building footprint will extend across the boundary of 308.

Another DA is currently before Council for a dwelling over 308 Ocean View Dr.

The proposed residential flat building contains four units, and is part two-storey and part three-storey, with ground level parking for six cars.

The proposal also includes demolition of the existing single storey dwelling house on the site.

The site is zoned R1 General Residential under Gosford LEP 2014, and the proposal is permissible with Council consent.

The assessment of the proposal against Gosford LEP 2014, DCP 2013 and Section 79C of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 concluded that the proposal was permissible, met the intent of all relevant planning controls and standards and was of a design quality that should be supported by Council, according to a Statement of Environmental Effects submitted with the application.

"The site is located on the southern side of Ocean View Dr and also has frontage to a coastal reserve and the Ettalong foreshore at the rear," the statement said.

A subdivision application has been lodged with Central Coast Council to re-subdivide the land into two allotments (DA51024/2016).

The application proposes the creation of a new lot 2A with an area of 751.2 square metres fronting Ocean View Dve, and a new, 340 square metre Lot 2B at the rear with access to Ocean View Dr by way of a right of carriageway.

"The subdivision proposal does not result in any additional lots, and provides a greater area for a house compared to the existing layout," the statement said.

"The application for the proposed residential flat building relates to proposed Lot 2A in DA51024/2016, and it is understood that consent could not be issued until such time as the subdivision is approved and the relevant plan is registered," it said.

The proposal is for four three-bedroom units with ground level car parking for six cars.

The proposed building presents as two-storey to Ocean View Dve, and the third storey comprising one unit is setback a considerable distance from the street frontage.

On the ground level is Unit 1 with a street front terrace and single garage at the rear, and behind that is covered parking for five cars, a landscaped area and bin storage.

On the first floor are Units 2 and 3 which have terraces to the north and south.

On the second floor is Unit 4 which has both a front and rear terrace.

Unit 4 is also proposed as an adaptable unit.

Access to the units is via an access pathway on the eastern side of the building, providing pedestrian access to Ocean View Dve from the lift-lobby area, and access is also available from the car parking area on the western side.

Vehicular access is provided along a driveway on the western side, with a width of three metres, and a passing-holding bay is provided in the front setback area.

The height of the building is a maximum of 8.5 metres above natural ground level for the three storey component, and 6.5m for the two storey component.

The gross floor area of the dwelling is 395 square metres, which results in a floor space ratio of 0.525:1, and a request to vary the ratio standard by 2.5 per cent.

"The variation has arisen to enable the provision of reasonable size units for the site which are intended for use by couples or small families," the statement said.

The units are orientated north-south towards the Ettalong foreshore to the south, and Ocean View Dve to the north.

The subject site is in an area already undergoing transformation from smaller to larger dwelling types, particularly for an area that offers scenic water views.

The adjoining land to the east has potential for a larger scale of development compared to the subject land and the proposal provides a reasonable transition between this site and the adjoining property to the west.

"The proposal is a permissible use for the land and will provide a quality development which will support the renewal of housing and additional housing choice in the Ettalong area," the statement said.


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